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Archon Defender -- Feature Film Created On Second-hand Computers

By Chris Gomez - Posted on 14 October 2009


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If you were into movies or video games when you were growing up, you probably fantasized about coming up with your own feature-length production all by yourself. Later you may have realized that there's a reason why the credits at the end of a movie can last a full half-hour -- you get the idea that to come up with a good feature, you'll need a team. No, not a team -- an army.

David T. Krupicz busts the myth.

David is an ordinary guy who works in a call center as his full-time day job. But during his free time, he tinkers with obsolete animation software and second-hand computers to create animated shorts. If you've come across the "Rocketmen vs. Robots" series on YouTube, then you're familiar with David's work.

But now, David has finally finished his first feature length animated film -- the 65-minute masterpiece, "Archon Defender." The film is set in a sci-fi/fantasy world called Echelon, where the evil Empress Lucia is waging war against all who oppose her, particularly the magical "Shard Sensitives." Collette, a young girl whose Shard powers have recently awakened, must set aside her feelings of loneliness and isolation to face the Empress.

What's great about "Archon Defender" is that it's totally free for viewing -- David posted his entire film on YouTube, and is now offering paid downloads of the movie. It's a great way of sending the message, "If you like this movie and would like to see more in the future, please buy a copy." That way viewers would be funding David's next project. Brilliant -- it pulls the chair from under video piracy.

Sure, the animation may look "unusual" to the masses, and the computer-generated voices (in the YouTube video, though David has hired voice actors since then) may be a little monotonic, but David still shows what old software, second-hand computers, and three years' worth of free time can do.

N.B.: I strongly urge you to support Dave's work by purchasing a copy of Archon Defender here: